The Problem

The Ideal Solution


AEODP is an integration of different modern technologies and all available open satellite data "all-in-one place" through Satellite Imaging and Observation, Internet of Things, Big Data Analysis, AI, Blockchain Technologies. It can be accessed also as a service by everywhere, anytime, all the time with maximum security and ease of use.

  • Analyzing Satellite Data from all available commercial and open sources
  • Planning, prevention and damage assessment
  • Providing timely alerts
  • Data Fusion from Space – Air – Ground
  • Low Cost Effective Solution (now available also as a service)
  • Easy to use by experts and non experts

More specifically, it collects data from:

  • Eumet Sats
  • MSG
  • Metop
  • EMSC
  • Copernicus
  • and more...

Advantages of


  • All dofferent satellite data collection are processed in one place with ease and accuracy
  • Near Real Time detection
  • 24*7 Monitoring
  • Immediate and Contiinuous monitoring
  • Timely and Easy to Use information
  • Adjustment to the user's needs
  • Exploiting satellite use
  • Cost Effective Solution compared to other sustems (cameras, sensors,etc)
  • Independent of human intervention and other incidental or consequential damage
  • Available as a service accessed from anywhere with maximum security throug Blockchain Technologies

AEODP Follows the principles of Google's strength:

  • Open Arcitecture Platform
  • Interconnection with any other support systems
  • Easy addition of new data layers
  • Continuing improvement with new technologies:
    Internet of Things, Big Data, Blockchain, AI, Cloud

How it works

AEODP is an Integrated Open Plateform on Satellite Data. A cloud architecture model promissing:

  • Rapidity
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Integrity


The AEODP platform provides its users with usefull information in Real or Near Real Time. It provides users with usefull insights and information, in the form of layers on a map, by analyzing satellite data.
These layers are, among others:

Moreover, AEODP suports collection of Satellite data from sensors SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar). This feature provides users with high resolution images even during nighttime or in cloudy areas. Also allows detection of small movements on the ground and effective land and water monitoring.

Land Slide Probability

Usefull for grid installations, in order to prevent damages.

Land Surface Temperature

High ground temperatures in summer lead to higher chance of wildfire spreading.

Snow Cover

Snow moisturizes soil thus, there is lower chance of wildfire spreading


Daily updates of Albedo (reflectance/optical brightness) of the Earth's surface as received from Eumetsat satellites. Surface Albedo is measured as ratio of radiation reflected to the radiation incident on a surface.

Fire Risk

Information about areas which are vulnerable to wildfires.


Real-time reports of earthquakes worldwide.